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Environmental and Energy Security: Dams, Water Wars and Dependence on Fossil Fuels; By Raakhee Suryaprakash

CAS article no. 0150/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) Energy and the environment are two important issues of the day. The future of mankind depends on whether we make them symbiotic or competitive. We are imperilled by extreme weather patterns, terrorism, civil war, etc. and much of it is ruled by mankind’s thirst for crude oil. With the clarion cry against poverty the mad scramble towards development has… Read Article →

The Public and Nuclear Power in China; By L. V. Krishnan

CAS article no. 0139/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) August 6 is a reminder of the first use of a nuclear weapon in war 71 years ago. The imagery of the instantaneous destruction it caused has come to be used as an argument against all things nuclear. On that same day this year, the Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Division of China National Nuclear Corporation, CNNC chose to issue a… Read Article →

Modi and Jinping shouldn’t let their egos come in the way of India-China ties; By Col. R. Hariharan

CAS article no. 0113/2016 Courtesy: India Today Daily O Portal Is China becoming uneasy about India’s assertive international posture? It would seem so, if we take a holistic view of how China has been viewing India’s international initiatives since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. Condescending, conceited, contemptuous or confused….these words may well describe China’s web journal Global Times’  editorial choice of words like smug, self-centred and self-righteous to… Read Article →

Assessment of Adversarial Comments on India and China’s Position on Denial of India’s Entry into the Nuclear Supplier Group in Global Times; By Cmde. R. S. Vasan

CAS article no. 0108/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group The editorial in the mouth piece of Chinese Government the Global Times carried on June 28 2016[i]has the effect of setting the cat amongst the pigeons.  The editorial which is full of inanities and unwarranted innuendos accuses both India and the West of joining hands against a law abiding China which is only going by the rules. China has every reason… Read Article →

After the NSG’s Seoul plenary: Time to mend ties; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0107/2016 Courtesy: India’s failure to break into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at its plenary last week in Seoul does not translate into China’s gain. It would be erroneous to see the NSG session as an India-China match which ended with a score of 0-1, for it casts in bilateral terms what was not a bilateral contest at all. However, there is no denying that New… Read Article →

NSG May be a Failure for Modi, but MTCR is a Big Success for India; By Col. R. Hariharan

CAS article no. 0106/2016 Courtesy: India Today Daily O Portal  As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come in for criticism from friends and foes alike for putting his (or to some extent India’s) political prestige on the block on the line in the failed bid to gain admission to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at Seoul. Perhaps Modi could have avoided the heightened expectations created by media hype over his… Read Article →

NSG Fiasco: An Avoidable Diplomatic Disaster; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0105/2016 Courtesy: DNA India  India’s failure to gain admission to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at its Seoul session is a setback only because the Government of India (GoI) staked so much on it. Had New Delhi not made it such a big prestige issue to impress that it can have its way in joining the club, it would not have been the diplomatic disaster that it… Read Article →

India and NSG; By L. V. Krishnan

CAS article no. 0104/2016 The following article is text of a presentation made by the author at Observer Research Foundation, Chennai on June 25 2016.  With four meetings in 20 months and the last within two months, Modi and Obama had to find some long unfinished items and a few innocuousness for the meeting in June 2016. For India, NSG entry is a promise Obama made to India some six years ago and… Read Article →

China -The New Lawrence of Arabia?; By Asma Masood

CAS article no. 0029/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies The first container train service between China and Iran was launched on January 28 2016. A train departed from Yiwu for Tehran carrying ‘small commodities’. The 10,399 km journey via Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan is scheduled to take 14 days, around half the journey time by sea. Not long before, on January 20, reports stated that an MOU for cooperation in… Read Article →

New Law Signals China’s Intentions to Accelerate its International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation; By D. S. Rajan

CAS article no. 0024/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies Abstract To deal with the increasing challenges from terrorism to its interests both at home and abroad, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has enacted a new counter-terrorism law, stipulating inter alia formation of national and regional counter-terrorism agencies. The law contains a firm indication that the country is poised to give a big push to its international counter-terrorism cooperation;… Read Article →