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Welcome Gesture to Hindu Refugees from Neighbouring Countries; By Prof. V. Suryanarayan

CAS article no. 0116/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  A news item in the Sunday edition (July 10, 2016) of New Indian Express holds out the promise of Indian citizenship to Hindu refugees from neighbouring South Asian countries, especially Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to make this historic announcement after unfurling the national flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day, August… Read Article →

Visas are Not Forever; By. K. Subramanian

CAS article no:  0009/2015 In the U.S., debates over immigration policy are recurrent and also vitriolic. There is an ongoing debate on the current policy and system of issue of H-1B visas, in particular, about their use or abuse by  companies. Most papers in the Bay area have covered sob stories narrating how U.S. employees are being replaced by foreigners (read, Indian!) holding H-1B visas and those who are under… Read Article →