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Leveraging Heritage – China’s Role Within and Across the World By Archana Jayaraman

CAS article no. 0003/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S)  There has been a lot of discussion about China’s ‘Soft Power Push’[1]. From culture, political values, innovation to education, China has been seen as reshaping its image to emerge as a power center in the region and steadily crawling outwards at the same time. Culture, specifically, has seen a major boost under President Xi Jinping’s leadership. At a session… Read Article →

Vietnam’s Love-Hate Relationship with China: A Historical Explanation; By Prof. V. Suryanarayan

CAS article no. 0097/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group China had always been and would continue to be a key point of reference to the foreign policy makers of Southeast Asian countries, especially for Vietnam. Sharing land and maritime boundaries with China, Vietnam, from very early times, had been profoundly influenced by its giant neighbor in the north. It has shared cultural traditions; in fact, Prof. Arnold Toynbee, in his… Read Article →

Comparative Study of Sun Tzu and Kautilya on Military Affairs; By Shantanu K. Bansal

CAS article no. 0078/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies Sun Tzu (Master Sun) Sun Tzu was a well known military General and strategist who lived in ancient China.Traditional historians believe that he lived between 544-496 B.C. He grew up with an education focusing on military affairs and politics. He participated in numerous campaigns and succeeded in becoming a General under the Wu dynasty. He is one of the East… Read Article →

China: The Interconnection between Tradition and the Thinking of Leaders in Modern Era; By D. S. Rajan

CAS article no. 0052/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies Tradition has been and will continue to be a key factor influencing the policy making process being undertaken in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Students of history cannot miss that due to China’s long and continuous civilization, there always exists a strong interconnection between the country’s conceptual thinking in the modern era and its ancient precedents; needless to say… Read Article →