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Islamic State establishing roots in Afghanistan; By J. K. Verma

CAS article no. 0043/2017 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor The Sunni Salafi organization, Islamic State (‘Daesh’ in Arabic), has been defeated in Iraq and Syria and, according to unconfirmed reports, its Emir, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in the massive bombings by troops led by the United States as well as Russian forces. Islamic State (IS), declared a terrorist organization by the United Nations, European Union and several other countries, has… Read Article →

India Should Clip the Spreading Wings of Islamic State; By J. K. Verma

CAS article no. 0031/2017 Courtesy: Aviation and Defence Universe  India needs a comprehensive plan to deal with IS & rising radicalization. The myth that Islamic State has no roots in India is shattered time and again and it is high time when Indian security agencies especially intelligence organisations of Centre as well as of State governments create special cells to collect actionable intelligence pertaining to various terrorist outfits especially Islamic… Read Article →

Are India and China Drifting Apart?; By Bhaskar Roy

CAS article no. 0162/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  Indian and Chinese National Security Advisors (NSAs) Ajit Doval and State Councillor Yang Jiechi are scheduled to meet in Hyderabad, India in the first week of November to review bilateral relations and regional developments.  Hugging and selfie diplomacy is over.  It is back to the brass tacks.  Core interests are to the fore. Doval and his delegation would certainly carry in… Read Article →

Quetta Terror Attack Shows Pakistan’s Lack of Will to Fight Terrorism; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0140/2016 Courtesy: The India Saga A country which nurtured and abetted terrorism as state policy and launched low intensity war against its neighbour has suffered one more blast at Quetta on August 8 in which more than 90 innocent people lost lives and large number were injured. The irony is that more than one terrorist organization claimed responsibility of this heinous offence as if it was not… Read Article →

Tackling IS is a Battle of Minds and not Just Swords; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0117/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor  While the Islamic State (IS), the most dreaded terrorist organization, has lost sizable territory and fighters because of constant bombing by diverse forces, including United States and Russian, but the ideology of this terrorist outfit remains intact. IS, which is known as Dae’sh in Arabic, claims to establish a Caliphate (Islamic State) which will be governed by the Sharia law. It flourishes… Read Article →

The IS challenge: Europe needs to get its act together; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0065/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor Islamic State (IS) which has already overtaken Al-Qaeda is currently the most treacherous, wealthiest and better organized terrorist organization in the international arena. While the continuous bombarding in the IS-controlled region may have weakened the terrorist outfit, but the resolve of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his cohorts of retribution has not lessened and the danger of carrying out terrorist activities in Europe… Read Article →