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China’s Increasing Role in World Affairs; By Mr. M. R. Sivaraman

CAS article no. 0030/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies China is once again in the limelight with the US government bent on forcing North Korea into submission and disabling it to an extent that it does not flex its muscles against its neighbours and periodically threaten the US with a nuclear strike. China for its own reasons has fostered and nurtured North Korea perhaps as a bulwark against the… Read Article →

CAS Dialogue: Status of India’s Bureaucracy

CAS article no. 0075/2016 The following is text of a discussion held by members of Chennai Centre for China Studies on April 20 2016. The theme revolved around the status of India’s bureaucracy. Cmde. R. S. Vasan IN (Retd.) Director, C3S. Sri B. S. Raghavan (Patron, C3S), had said that Prime Minister Modi needs to sort out the bureaucracy which is falling short of expectations. Here is the link to the… Read Article →