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Are India and China Drifting Apart?; By Bhaskar Roy

CAS article no. 0162/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  Indian and Chinese National Security Advisors (NSAs) Ajit Doval and State Councillor Yang Jiechi are scheduled to meet in Hyderabad, India in the first week of November to review bilateral relations and regional developments.  Hugging and selfie diplomacy is over.  It is back to the brass tacks.  Core interests are to the fore. Doval and his delegation would certainly carry in… Read Article →

Sharif vs Sharif: Who will win in Pakistan?; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0152/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor   Recently an article of Cyril Almeida published in Pakistan’s reputed English daily Dawn has exposed the bitterness between the political leadership and the army. Almeida, a fearless journalist, a rare commodity in Pakistan, wrote in the article that the civilian government has warned that Pakistan is being isolated in the world arena because of its position on terrorism. The article also… Read Article →