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Book Review: India and China in Africa: A Comparative Perspective of the Oil Industry; By K. Subramanian

CAS article no. 0026/2017   Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) The rise of China as the fasted growing economy attracted global attention. Its expansion through trade and investment with other parts of the world such as Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa has excited many scholars and triggered much research work. India has also risen as an economic power and is included in the list of economies categorised… Read Article →

Getting Around the U.S.’s Persian Block; By K. Subramanian

CAS article no. 0100/2016 Courtesy: The Hindu  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Iran a month ago was significant on all counts. As he himself said: “…[the] visit was fruitful” and it is sure to have had a positive impact. The discussions signaled an eagerness by India and Iran to promote bilateral ties. Twelve agreements were signed, the most strategic of them being the one for the development of Iran’s… Read Article →

Why Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Won’t Change After Its Party Congress; By Carlyle A. Thayer

CAS article no:  0043/2015 Courtesy: The Diplomat The Central Committee of the Vietnam Communist Party (VCP) is poised to hold its thirteenth plenary session this month. According to informed insiders, this will be crunch time for selecting candidates for Vietnam’s top leadership posts – party secretary general, state president, prime minister, and chair of the National Assembly. Once the plenum concludes, preparations for the twelfth national party congress, reportedly scheduled… Read Article →