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Plutonium Recovery and Recycle Plans in China: Review of a Report; By L. V. Krishnan

CAS article no. 0018/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies The recent Report on the Cost of Reprocessing in China by Bunn et al[1] provides a very comprehensive analysis of the subject. Bunn and his Chinese co-authors have brought out many relevant details about the various aspects of the Chinese nuclear program derived from sources in Chinese language. The thrust of their objective is to persuade China to defer the programme… Read Article →

Abe and Modi Attempt to Bridge the Indo-Pacific; By Sourabh Gupta

CAS article no:  0005/2016 Courtesy: East Asia Forum During the second week of December 2015, Japan and India held one of their more productive annual summit meetings in recent memory in New Delhi.Breaking the pattern of high atmospherics and shallow content that has characterised Japan-India interactions over the past half-decade, prime ministers Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi signed agreements on civil nuclear cooperation, defence equipment and technology transfer, protection of… Read Article →