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Indo-Pak may revive talks; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0023/2017 Courtesy: DNA India In the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading his party to an impressive victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, revival of the long-stalled talks with Pakistan seems a distinct possibility. Contrary to the impression created by the hard line and hostile rhetoric of recent months, straws in the wind suggest that both sides may have been working behind the scenes for… Read Article →

Jaishankar Effect, Extended; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0013/2017 Courtesy: DNA India With Prime Minister Narendra Modi exercising his prerogative, murmurs in the MEA do not really matter.  Anticipating Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be frustrating because of his penchant for springing surprises. Combined with his mastery of event management, where even the routine is often projected as extraordinary, Modi always manages ‘impact’. Even when there is no element of surprise, everyone sits up to… Read Article →

Perspectives on Emerging India-China strategic dynamics: Understanding OBOR; By Col. R. Hariharan VSM

CAS article no. 0001/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies  Role of President Xi Jinping in reshaping China China’s desire to dominate global environment and play an increasing role in international affairs to complement its growth as global economic power is linked to its hope to create a “moderately prosperous society.”[1] The fall in China’s growth rate in the last five years has increased its urgency, not only to carry… Read Article →

Surgical Strike on Corruption, Terrorism and FICN; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0160/2016 Courtesy: India Strategic  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done another surgical strike on November 8 when he announced that currency notes of Rs.1000 and 500 would not be a legal tender from midnight. The demonetisation of the high value currency notes would be a gargantuan assault on corruption, terrorism, fake currency and hawala transactions. Mr Modi elaborated that these high denomination notes can be exchanged in… Read Article →

Success of Modi’s Act East Policy depends on India – Myanmar ties; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0145/2016 Courtesy: Aviation and Defence Universe  It was External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj first and Hitin Kyaw President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar next within a week, visiting each other’s country that raised eyebrows. It seemed that both the nations were trying to forge close relations with each other, motivated by a desire to counter China’s growing influence as a regional leader. For a… Read Article →

NSG May be a Failure for Modi, but MTCR is a Big Success for India; By Col. R. Hariharan

CAS article no. 0106/2016 Courtesy: India Today Daily O Portal  As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come in for criticism from friends and foes alike for putting his (or to some extent India’s) political prestige on the block on the line in the failed bid to gain admission to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at Seoul. Perhaps Modi could have avoided the heightened expectations created by media hype over his… Read Article →

NSG Fiasco: An Avoidable Diplomatic Disaster; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0105/2016 Courtesy: DNA India  India’s failure to gain admission to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at its Seoul session is a setback only because the Government of India (GoI) staked so much on it. Had New Delhi not made it such a big prestige issue to impress that it can have its way in joining the club, it would not have been the diplomatic disaster that it… Read Article →

India and NSG; By L. V. Krishnan

CAS article no. 0104/2016 The following article is text of a presentation made by the author at Observer Research Foundation, Chennai on June 25 2016.  With four meetings in 20 months and the last within two months, Modi and Obama had to find some long unfinished items and a few innocuousness for the meeting in June 2016. For India, NSG entry is a promise Obama made to India some six years ago and… Read Article →

Getting Around the U.S.’s Persian Block; By K. Subramanian

CAS article no. 0100/2016 Courtesy: The Hindu  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Iran a month ago was significant on all counts. As he himself said: “…[the] visit was fruitful” and it is sure to have had a positive impact. The discussions signaled an eagerness by India and Iran to promote bilateral ties. Twelve agreements were signed, the most strategic of them being the one for the development of Iran’s… Read Article →

India and China Moving Towards Becoming Chindia; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0087/2016 Courtesy: Aviation and Defence Universe  From conflict to cooperation, the concept of Chindia seems to be the new mantra in the Sino-Indian relationship today. When leaders of India & China meet they represent more than one third world population, two fastest growing economies, having biggest militaries and leading consumers of energy, consequently their relations cordial or hostile effect not only the region but the whole world…. Read Article →