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Towards a New Normal in International Relations; By B. S. Raghavan

CAS article no. 0092/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies Preamble As one looks at the world scenario, in terms of the power equations, political dispensations, economic gradations and technological advances, one confronts the dilemma of having to come to terms with two mutually contradictory sets of perceptions: The first, those derived from a sense of history and the second, those arising from a sense of pragmatism based on traditional approaches…. Read Article →

South China Sea: Flights to Fiery Cross Reef the New Normal; By Carlyle A. Thayer

CAS article no. 0011/2016 Courtesy: Thayer Consultancy Background Brief, January 8, 2016. Background Briefing: We request your assessment of the following issues: Q1. What do you conclude about China’s latest move of conducting more flights of aircraft to Fiery Cross Reef? ANSWER: China is now consolidating its civilian presence on its artificial islands to demonstrate its “indisputable sovereignty” over them. China always uses civilian means to advance its territorial claims. We can expect… Read Article →