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US To Withdraw From TPP; By Carlyle A. Thayer

CAS article no. 0164/2016 Courtesy: Carlyle A. Thayer, “US To Withdraw From TPP,” Thayer Consultancy Background Brief, November 22,2016 Q1. Could you please share some thoughts when Donald Trump announced that the US will withdraw from TPP? Donald Trump’s release of a video announcing his priorities for his first 100 days in office came as a surprise. His first priority was to announced that the US would withdraw from the TPP. He made that pledge during his campaign…. Read Article →

South China Sea: United States Stiffens its Stances on China’s Conflict Escalation; By Dr. Subhash Kapila

CAS article no. 0069/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  China seems to be woefully oblivious to major lessons of United States belated entry in two Global wars of 20th Century to ensure global security, as it pursues incessant conflict escalation in the South China Sea. The major lessons of United States belated military interventions against Germany’s aggression and conflict escalation preceding World War I and World War II were that… Read Article →

Vietnam: Relations with the U.S. After the 12th Party Congress; By Carlyle A. Thayer

CAS article No. 0012/2016 Courtesy: Thayer Consultancy Background Brief, January 9, 2016 Background Briefing: We request your comments on the likely outcome of Vietnam’s 12th National Party Congress with respect to the following three questions: Q1. Would you expect Vietnam’s party congress and new leadership to further strengthen the hands of those advocating closer relationship with the US to counter China? ANSWER: It is likely that the next Secretary General of the Vietnam Communist Party could… Read Article →