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It is Time to Call Pakistan’s Bluff on Kashmir; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0128/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor The party in power in Islamabad,Pakistan, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), won 31 out of  the 49 seats(direct election is held for only 41 seats) in the assembly elections of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) held on July 21, 2016. A total of 26 political parties and 423 candidates participated in this farcical elections. The performance of other political parties was very dismal… Read Article →

Twenty Five Years of Economic Reforms; By K. Subramanian

CAS article no. 0127/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies It is better to study the progress of economic reforms more as a study in political economy than as one on economics per se. Policymakers world over have given up their attachment to abstract theories. They are keener to examine the acceptability of prescriptions to various sections of the society, the embedded institutional structures and, more importantly, the class composition…. Read Article →

Left Wing Extremism still foremost threat to India’s internal security; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0126/2016 Courtesy: The Indian Saga , July 25 2016 Exactly a week ago, Left Wing Extremists (LWE) lured, ambushed and killed 10 commandos of elite 205th Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in a fierce gunfight at Chakarbanda-Dumarinala forest in Aurangabad district of Bihar. The valiant CoBRA commandos managed to kill three extremists and injured five, although the Maoists had advantage of… Read Article →

Indian defence vying to sell despite maximum purchase; By Jai Kumar Verma

CAS article no. 0125/2016 Courtesy: Aviation & Defence Universe Defence import to export is too long a bridge to cross for any nation, and more so for India. A nation which is at the top of the list of nations defence importers due to a strategically turbulent neighbourhood and nowhere in the top twenty list of exporters, India has in the last two years started exploring a market for defence exports…. Read Article →

South China Sea Verdict: Will Fuming China Sober Down? ; By B. S. Raghavan

CAS article no. 0124/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies The People’s Republic of China has suffered a painful, though expected, reverse in terms of the stinging rebuke of an award given by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague, on July 12,2016, at the end of a three-year long proceedings initiated by the Republic of Philippines disputing China’s claims over some of the sea areas and features,… Read Article →

Devious Plans of China to bring in the issue of Andaman and Nicobar Islands ownership; By Cmde. R. S. Vasan

CAS article no. 0123/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  There have been some reports from New Delhi to indicate that China’s Officiating Ambassador to India made a quid-pro-quo suggestion to India seeking its support for its South China Sea (SCS) claims based on historicity to resolve the outstanding border disputes. According to the Chinese official, some accommodation could be made on the McMahan line if India supported the claims of… Read Article →

South China Sea Arbitration ruling: A chance for India to rev up its foreign policy; By Asma Masood

CAS article no. 0122/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies On July 12 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague delivered its verdict on the case brought by Philippines countering China’s claims in the South China Sea. The court ruled as follows[1]: China has no historic rights within the nine-dash line. Besides, land features in the Spratlys were judged to be mere rocks and not islands, thus… Read Article →

South China Sea Arbitration – Likely Fallouts; By Bhaskar Roy

CAS article no. 0121/2016 Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group  The much awaited ruling of the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration on the South China Sea (SCS) case brought by the Philippines against China over disputed maritime claims finally came on July 12, at The Hague. Manila had taken the case to the tribunal in 2013, following Beijing’s overbearing and aggressive attitude in its territorial waters.  China declined to contest… Read Article →

Will China Collapse? Challenges to the Regime; By Dr. Geeta Kochhar

CAS article no. 0120/2016 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies  With the slowdown of Chinese economy, not only there is speculation of bubble bursting, but predictions for the collapse of Chinese regime. Alongside, a series of attack on high-level corrupt officials deepens the possibility of some serious differences brewing within the Party and deviations in Party ideologies. Although there seems no immediate intention of the CCP to step down for… Read Article →

South China Sea and the MEA’s ambivalence; By Shastri Ramachandaran

CAS article no. 0119/2016 Courtesy: DNA India The South China Sea dispute is now headed to the next level of power play. The award of the Arbitral Tribunal set up under the provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) on the dispute between the Philippines and China has gone against China. In awarding the Philippines jurisdiction over most of the waters of the Spratly Islands, the… Read Article →