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Green Trends: OBOR and Environmental Implications ; By Preethi Amaresh

CAS article no. 0038/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Center for China Studies “OBOR is a 21st century big idea – probably the biggest idea floated in the last 10 years and it is being implemented in a Chinese manner. You cross the river by feeling the stones”. – Jean-Guy Carrier The One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a Sinocentric vision that harks back to the ancient Silk Roads but this time on… Read Article →

Taliban gaining strength in Afghanistan: Alarm bells for region; By J.K Verma

CAS article no. 0037/2017 Courtesy: South Asia Monitor Pakistan-backed Taliban are strengthening in Afghanistan and slowly but steadily capturing new territories. They now control seven out of 14 districts of Helmand province and are fighting to capture five more districts — and the ill-equipped Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are unable to repulse them. Share This:

Right of Innocent Passage for Fishing Vessels: Issues and Challenges; By Commodore R. S. Vasan IN (Retd.)

CAS article no. 0036/2017 Courtesy: National Maritime Foundation There have been a few recent arrests of Sri Lankan vessels by the Indian Coast Guard while returning after fishing in international waters. Twenty nine fishermen with the vessels were also arrested on 27 April 2017 by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency on charges of trespassing (see). Such arrests of fishers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indiaby the respective maritime security agencies… Read Article →

Book Review: Capital Campaign; By K. Subramanian

CAS article no. 0035/2017 Courtesy: The Hindu  Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik, A Theory of Imperialism (Tulika Books, India, 2016).  Research on the nature and origin of “Imperialism” has an irresistible allure for academics. The venerable Marxian view of capital ever seeking outlets, particularly in the periphery, held sway for long. Lenin regarded imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. After the liberation of erstwhile colonies, analysts began to describe changing… Read Article →

Pak Army Needs a Blunt Message, Time for Niceties Is Over; By J. K. Verma

CAS article no. 0034/2017 Courtesy: The India Saga Pakistan Army’s rogue Border Action Team (BAT) which consists of regulars of Pak army and terrorists of various outfits not only killed but mutilated  the bodies of two Indian soldiers at Krishna Ghati sector in Poonch district in Jammu region early this week, sparking a national outrage over the reprehensible and inhuman act.    The military controlled Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) created… Read Article →

Why is it important to allow Australia to join the Malabar Exercise this year?; By Commodore R. S. Vasan IN (Retd.)

CAS article no. 0033/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies India-Australia relations are poised to embark on next levels of strategic partnership. The visit of the Australian Prime Minister Turn Bull from 09-12April 2017 gave ample indication that there are many areas of convergence for the two democracies in the coming decades. The joint statements issued full statement clearly bring out that there is a new thrust on synergizing the efforts notably… Read Article →

China’s concerns about lack of support for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI); By Commodore R. S. Vasan IN (Retd.)

CAS article no. 0032/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies This article may be read in conjunction with an earlier article by the author- ‘Why is OBOR Not at All a Good Idea for India?’ (vide  The countdown for the jamboree on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), formerly known as the One Belt One Road (OBOR) has begun. With less than ten days for this mega event, billions of… Read Article →

India Should Clip the Spreading Wings of Islamic State; By J. K. Verma

CAS article no. 0031/2017 Courtesy: Aviation and Defence Universe  India needs a comprehensive plan to deal with IS & rising radicalization. The myth that Islamic State has no roots in India is shattered time and again and it is high time when Indian security agencies especially intelligence organisations of Centre as well as of State governments create special cells to collect actionable intelligence pertaining to various terrorist outfits especially Islamic… Read Article →

China’s Increasing Role in World Affairs; By Mr. M. R. Sivaraman

CAS article no. 0030/2017 Courtesy: Chennai Centre for China Studies China is once again in the limelight with the US government bent on forcing North Korea into submission and disabling it to an extent that it does not flex its muscles against its neighbours and periodically threaten the US with a nuclear strike. China for its own reasons has fostered and nurtured North Korea perhaps as a bulwark against the… Read Article →